Friday, June 05, 2020

Raising another Troop.

 The bug took me tonight to raise another regiment of horse for Parliament. Basing up those Cavaliers got me in the mood again for some ECW horse action.

 To make this unit a little different I’m going to cross the beams and use two different manufacturers. This came when I compared the two makes and found them to be very close in scale and look. The helmets are a good match and the horses too match up well.
 This really is a mix of figures being made from Dixon and Essex, lead by a captain from Foundry. All seem to match up well and should add some variety on the field.
Like my earlier units, I have cut free and bent the arms up on the Essex figures so they can hold a pistol. These were bought from Essex as well from there weapon packs.
Once this squadron is finished, there is another made the same way to bring the regiment up to strength.

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