Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Battle of Valentia (campaign 53)

The months had passed slowly on the border of Aples Gallica, as both sides eyed each other with contempt. Secundus felt secure in his new province which had happily flocked to his cause three months earilier and with it's support he knew he could repulse any attack made by Tullus's African and Spanish legions. All Secundus had to do was to sit tight for a week or so, until his German legion arrived from the north, then he would use their combined strength to push Tullus back into the sea and end the war in one single stroke.

Tullus could see that time was running out and word had reached him of the XXI Rapax marching down from It's Rhine posting, He would have to act first before the Germans arrived and he found himself backtracking all the way back to Spain. So It was that on 13th of August the forces of Secundus awoke to the sight and sounds of thousands of Spanish troops mustering for battle.
Secundus eyed the scene with amusement and quipped "This should take a mornings fighting and no more, then we can toast the victory over dinner" As his generals laughed, they knew the fibre of Tullus's Spanish troops and their laughter soon died away. However, the endless drilling and training of the last few months were not been wasted and the army of Secundus was in field by mid morning. At last the time had come, the two great generals would meet face to face in battle, the future of the Roman Empire hung in the air above a hot, humid field in Gaul. Above the XXI Rapax Legion marches down through Gaul to secure a victory for Secundus.

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