Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The price of victory (campaign 63)

Tullus had attacked the province of Aples Gallica and taken it from Secundus. The victory had been won at a great cost and it would be some time before either side could mass another field army. For the time being, both sides were content to sit back and lick their wounds until new re enforces could be mustered and vengeance sort.

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Scutatus said...

A fascinating battle. My mind boggled to read of the disorganisation and destruction of the Sarmatians. After that the Spanish cavalry were almost certain to decide the battle - unless a "flying column" cohort could be freed to counter them. A grim lesson, learnt the hard way it seems. But the battle was nicely fought on both sides by the looks of it. Condolences to the defeated. The Sarmatians fell in battle?! Incredible!

A very well written and entertaining battle report.

Pity I wasn't there.