Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Battles end ( campaign 62)

The last throws of Secundus's luck were lost when Tullus charged his one remaining Cohort into Secundus's battle weary Dacian Auxiliaries, crushing them and finally ending their epic struggle against the Auxiliaries of Spain which had lasted all day. Secundus could see he was now out numbered but stood his ground, forming up as best he could he repulsed an attack by the elite Spanish horse and waited for the end. Tullus, however was in little better shape and his units were exhausted and low in number. As the day finally drew to a close, both sides fell back in good order.
Secundus's force had been devastated, with all of it's cavalry and Auxiliary units destroyed. He had lost a Cohort of the Augusta but remained in control of two full strength Cohorts, the 1st and the 2nd. Whereas Tullus had lost two Cohorts of the VI and his Auxiliaries, including his Balearic slingers. Neither side could claim all out victory, they had both fought and lost valuable men that would cost them dearly to replace. Above, the exhausted men of the 1st Cohort repel the Spanish horse of Tullus........just.

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