Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Victory turns into defeat for Secundus (campaign 61)

Flushed with success the 1st Cohort of the II Augusta smashes into the 2nd Cohort of Tullus's force routing them and putting them to flight. Lost in the throws of victory, Secundus failed to notice the return of the Spanish horse. After regrouping the Spanish horse charged back across the field, with no cavalry left of his own, Secundus was powerless to stop them cutting down his remaining archers. With the cohorts all mixed up and confusion spreading across the field, Secundus found himself cut off from retreat and coming under heavy fire from the lethal lead shot of the Balearic slingers.
With Secundus's Auxiliaries still locked in mortal combat, Tullus could now concentrate all of his existing force against the remaining cohorts of Secundus. Secundus after breaking two Cohorts found himself trapped and out manoeuvred.
This picture shows the Battle standards of the II Augusta running for their lives. They could see the Spanish cavalry charging across the battle field and didn't hang around.

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