Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Battle of Valentia (campaign 58)

With all of his cavalry routed, Secundus knew his only chance of victory now lie in his British Legions. The Spanish Legions had built up a reputation over many years for being formidable fighters and Secundus could only hope and prey that his troops would stand their ground.
One by one the Cohorts met in battle, with the light troops fleeing before them, it was down to the heavy infantry to win the day. For half an hour the Legions hacked and cut each other to pieces, neither side gave or received any quarter. With shouts of encouragement, Tullus and Secundus urged their men forward, but the battle line held and both sides could not gain any ground.
Secundus knew that the Elite Spanish horse was still on the field and was now behind his lines, if they were to attack now while his cohorts were engaged, all would be lost. Luckily for him, the Spanish horse was blown after it's double victory and needed time to regroup. This window of opportunity was not lost on Secundus who pushed his men on with growing urgency.

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