Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Battle of Valentia (campaign 54)

Here's the battle board set up and ready to go, with a fighting force of 2000pts (warhammer ancient battle rules). In true Roman style, the force was arranged with the cavalry on the wings, the heavy Infantry in the centre and the light troops out in front. All was in readiness..."let the dice fly high" to quote Caesar, lets go. The battle started slow with both sides waiting for the other to show his true intentions. As the skirmishers spread out in front of the legions neither side could claim any success, as the two sides took ground only be lose it again a moment later. With this frustratingly slow progress, Secundus passed word to one of his renowned officers, Stuba Bowmonica to prepare his men for a charge. The main strength of the Army of Brittannia was it's Sarmation heavy cavalry and with it Secundus planned to sweep away the left flank of Tullus, then roll him up from left to right. If any man was up to the job, it was Stuba and his Sarmations.

While Stuba was preparing his attack, news of a victory reached his ears. Secundus's Dacian Auxiliaries had trapped and wiped out a unit of Gallic auxiliaries against a steep incline of a hill, with their Superior numbers, the Dacians had cut them down to a man. The first blood had gone to Secundus, but the battle was far from over.

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