Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Battle of Valentia (campaign 60)

Tullus saw the disaster unfold to his right and putting himself in the front line, personally lead another charge. The renewed attack on the 3rd Cohort caught them off guard and they too broke and started to flee the field. Tullus by his own actions had plucked his army from the jaws of defeat. Now the two sides were on level pegging again and victory was any ones for the taking once more. The battle continued to sway back and forth.

This picture shows Secundus with his brown cloaked 1st Cohort chasing the 3rd VI Gemina from the field. On the other side, Tullus's 1st Cohort like wise smashes the 3rd Cohort of the II Augusta. In the centre the lines of skirmishers still exchange volleys to no avail. On the far right, the two units of Auxiliaries slog it out, both winning and losing in turn.

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