Sunday, July 22, 2007

The battle of Valentia (campaign 57)

With the tramp of the Legion's iron shod sandals in their ears, the reckless Celts charged on. Tullus had seen Secundus massing his cavalry and was prepared, he couldn't believe his luck as he saw the Celts race ahead of the Sarmations. If he was lucky he could meet them one on one and destroy them piece meal as they came on. He quickly sounded the order and his elite Spanish cavalry sprang forward. Armed with their razor sharp Falcata, the Spanish cavalry shrugged off the storm of javelins and sliced the unarmoured Celts to pieces. The Celts were shocked at the speed in which the Spanish could maneuver and they soon realised that their only advantage was lost. In a blind panic they raced back towards the Secundus line where they ran right through the massed ranks of the Sarmations. Having just cleared the rocky out crops, Stuba's Sarmations were still in a state of disarray, It was now that through their ranks poured the terrified Celts, riding for their lives. In the chaos that followed gaps started to appear in Stuba's line as the Celts pushed their way through and into these gaps rode the elite Spanish horse.

Before Stuba knew what was happening, the Spanish were in amongst them and the long Kontus lances of the Sarmations were useless against the swords of the Spanish, in the close quarter melee that followed. The Spanish seemed unstoppable as they hacked and slashed the Sarmations to pieces, aiming for the only vulnerable place in the Sarmations armour, their faces. Stuba had no choice but to flee for his life, taking only a minor wound he fled the field together with the rest of Secundus's cavalry. Tullus had won through, his elite cavalry had proved their worth again.
Above the Spanish horse charge to victory and smash the forces of Secundus.



Damn the filthy dago spaniard dogs. I1ll get you next time Penelope Pitstop. Love and kisses to all.

Scutatus said...

Incredible. That simply beggars belief.

Scutatus said...

Still, the Sarmatians looked good. :)

Even if they forgot how to fight?!