Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Battle of Valentia (campaign 55)

Secundus knew that to make his plan work, he would first have to tie up all of Tullus's forces and defeat his renown Spanish horse. For this reason, Secundus massed all of his cavalry on his left flank. With the combined force of his Celtic light horse and his heavy Sarmations, he would crush the vastly out numbered Spanish cavalry, with this, his huge cavalry force would then wing right and slam into the flank of Tullus's committed legionaries, victory would soon follow. The plan was an old one and the difference in numbers would surely play there part, but Secundus didn't take into consideration the close ground and the rocky out crops which funnelled troops into narrow gorges. He would soon find that numbers can sometimes work against you in confined spaces.
The order was given and the mighty Legions started to advance across the plain, with veterans on either side the two commanders held their breath, the hammer was about to hit the anvil.
The above picture shows the heavy cohorts starting to advance. With lines of slingers and archers locked in a deadly that the slingers, were getting the upper hand.

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