Sunday, July 27, 2014


 I really enjoyed this project, creating something from a load of rubbish from the bin is very satisfying. I did try to find some designs on Cyberships but not a lot of stuff came up.

I'm pleased with my drop ship as it looks a little home made and so ties in very nicely to the old 80's Dr Who look. I kept it quite stark and simple and didn't try to cover it with markings and decals. The Cyber-race I thought wouldn't worry about such things.

There is a nice Cyberman logo from the very early years I could have put onto the doors but chose not to in the end, choosing the simple look. I just let the silver colour say it all.

 Two Cybermen guard the outer doors to the ship, while a three man squad goes off to investigate a disturbance.

 A Heavily armoured bridge protects the crew inside.
 Cybertechnology is silver, so the craft had to be a silver/metal colour. To give it a little more character I added lots of grime and dirt. It's a dirty job time travel. Although I imagine this vessel just as a drop ship, a larger parent ship would be the one that jumps through time. This drop ship is then dispatched to bring a landing party to the surface.
Time to move off.


AHunt said...

Awesome. Great scratch build and the pictures are fantastic.

Sun of York said...

Magnificent! The cybermen were always my favourite Dr Who villains and your work really brings them to life. Wonderful.

Michael Awdry said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Barks said...

Great work!