Friday, July 11, 2014

Mordor Army

 I have really enjoyed this latest project and even dropped others to go back to it. It's very rewarding painting up all my anceint old figures that I bought as a 15yr old. Many of them I can remember where and when I bought them. I have also enjoyed finding other ranges and makes to mix in with the old Citadel ranges. I have ordered some Mantic Orc to see how they look, but they have been delayed for weeks now.
 As I said earlier, I have a lot of basing to do...


Furt said...

So very impressed with your orcs. They look so good as a force even though they are each so individual. I can recognize quite a few myself from the day, but my collection is NOWHERE near complete.


WimVdB said...

I really like your old Orc models!
I'm digging out my own old fantasy figures (mostly Orcs and Dwarves), and still think these old fantasy figures look a lot better then the new "over the top" figures.
Are you basing them for HOTT or Impetus or something similar?

Secundus said...

Hello there Wim, I started off basing them for HotT with 60mm frontage. I'm not quite sure any more what exact rule set I will use, but as long as everything is based with a 60mm front I'm not sure it will matter.
I enjoy the rabble like look you get by basing six to a base, makes them look very 'warband'.