Friday, July 11, 2014

ECW Early manchester's regiment of foote


The basing was done quickly using earth coloured flock, then spots were added with green grass flock. It look effective but took no time at all.

 Although I posted about the painting process of my ECW regiment, I never actually got around to putting up any finished pics of them, so here they are. It's quite a large regiment and still is not finished, I plan to paint up commands for all four standards.

I based it on the early Manchester's regiment so there is plenty of variety in the uniforms to give it that early war look. Some even have the latest red coats, there is also plenty of Parliament grey in there too. A fun project this one and something I'm sure to pick up again before too long.
To give a better impression of packed ranks, I added a fifth figure into the base to really cram it out.
 Two sleeves of shotte around a block of pike. I plan to have a standard for each block with an extra one for the pike block making four in total.

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