Friday, July 11, 2014

Painting the Horde

 It's been a fair few months now since I had time to sit down and write anything, however, I have found time to do the odd bit of painting. Here is a quick run down of my Orc painting process and tips I have picked up along the way.

Now my approach to painting Orcs is a quick one as you need shed loads of them for an army, so I try to paint them quickly using washes and dark colours.

My first step is to undercoat them with Black from a spray can. I used Army Painter.
 My next step to to dry brush the metal work with Iron Breaker from GW. Having received the GW paint set for Christmas I were eager to use a lot of their colours to see what they were like.
 After the 'metalwork' was done I washed everything were Red Brown from Tamiya. I have tried many rust colours, some especially made for the job, but the Tamiya Red Brown comes up tops for me. A good coverage and just the right shade of colour for old rust.
The rest of the figure was quickly blocked in using simple browns, I wasn't too bothered about shading as this would come later with a wash of Woodland Scenics black.

Woodland Scenic Black is great and has a nice consistency to it that acts much like an Ink and leaves a nice finish.

 My approach to painting these orcs quickly is to bash through the armour and clothes but spend a little extra time on the flesh. Again I used simple browns and greys for the flesh colours.
 Here we see the Orcs with simple colours blocked in, to speed things along I try to use the same colours on multiple models.

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