Friday, July 11, 2014

Mordor Troll

 Well here is the up date on my Mordor trolls. Having collected a few old Citadel trolls for use with my Mordor army, I found I couldn't really find what I wanted. I kept trying to find something that looked like the attack trolls from the LOTR movies. After a little research I realised the GW figures were plenty big enough to use with my old Citadel collection and so I picked up a couple off eBay. They are actually much bigger than I hoped and look great wading through the masses of Orcs and other nasties.
 I painted them in the same way as I painted the Orcs, using washes and dry brushing. The armour was given it's wash of Tamiya Red Brown, then the edges were dry brushed again with silver.

 The skin was given a two tone approach which I later dappled with a lighter shade to give it a slightly mottled look.
Time to bring out the heavies!

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Brian Botzan said...

The flesh tone looks really good!