Friday, July 11, 2014

Shading the Orc Massive

 Here we can see the effect of the Woodland Scenic Black on the blocked in colours. It is great for showing up detail and darkens everything down, great for dirty Orcs and their masters.
 It allows me to just paint one base colour and then move on, once I have shaded it with the black, it's finished on to the next figure. Great for painting hordes.
 This batch of Gobliniods was very kindly given to me by my good friend Simon of BigRedBat fame. Thanks again Simon, they are painted and are already in service at the Black Gates.
 Here we see some finished figures waiting to be based. I have amassed quite a few bases now and the thought of basing them all is getting quite daunting. I enjoy painting too much and so get a little carried away. I can't really call them finished until the bases are done though...sigh.
My army of Mordor incorporates anything Orcish, Sauron isn't too fussy.
 These figures illustrate what I was saying earlier. I have bashed through shading the metal and clothes with the Woodland Scenics Black, but when It comes to the skin, I have spent a little longer and layered up some shades. Also the Tamiya Red Brown can be see on the axe and sword, great for rust!

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