Sunday, July 27, 2014

Union Battle Line

Spare plastic hats from the Perrys Civil War box sets are great for adding character. So make sure you save the ones you don't use, as they make great extras for bases.
 As my board is out at the moment and covered in freshly flocked scenery, I couldn't resist the odd shot. A struggling Union battle line finally reaches the cover of a rail fence...I hope it helps.
The figures are a mixture of Dixon, Perrys metals, Foundry, Redoubt and Renegade. The more different makes and poses the better I think for battle lines. I don't worry too much about some figures being taller than others...It just makes them look more realistic.


Sun of York said...

Great looking figures and photos. All my ACW stuff is 15mm and I'm just about to start on doing some terrain for them.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Terrific photo! Makes one feel
like they are on the battlefield.