Friday, July 11, 2014

Flocking Crazy

 The whole of my scenery box was emptied out and attacked with flock of one sort or another. This included grass tufts which are still quite new to me and a lot of my old stuff hadn't seen them before.
 Hedges from eBay were improved with layers of clumpy flock.
 Fields from eBay were improved with sea moss and grass flocks of different colours.
 WWII pill boxes were covered in earth coloured flock as well as grass, this made them look a lot better.

Even my old stone wall that I made in 1998 was dug out and flocked up.


BigRedBat said...

You are well and truly flocked! :-) They look great.

Unknown said...

Great Work!

Ubique Matt said...

Surprising how a little added flock can improve already decent looking terrain, very nice effect.