Sunday, December 14, 2014

And now for something completely different...

 A little side project that has slipped through the net...Elves. Well you can't paint all that evil stuff without a little goodness creeping back through. This come about after I started to work out how I would paint Elf armour.  The next thing I know I have twenty of them stuck on paint pots and the Mordor army has been put on hold.

I want my Elves to follow the Movie versions with their Bronze/green armour. So after painting them with Vallejo 70998 BRONZE, I gave them quite a thick wash of Woodland scenics green.

Although they aren't finished yet I think the effect has worked.
 The figures are from Militon Miniatures and are the old Mark Copplestone sculpts from the early 90's. In my opinion they are the best elves around at the moment and I prefer them to the GW High Elves.

Here are two colour test models i painted up. I think I will lost the fancy swirls as It will take up too much time when painting large numbers. The Surcoat is painted using Foundry's 'Night Sky' A and B paint pots. To give them a slightly more armoured look, I painted the legs and arms with leather colours rather than flesh tones, again matching the Jackson movies.

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