Sunday, December 14, 2014


 Metal magic Orcs from eBay proved to be one of the best buys of my collecting career, they were cheap but very nice models.
 More Orcs from my childhood given a freshen up and whipping back into service.
 Plastic Wargames factory Orcs also found their way onto the bases. I had looked at these with a little distain at first but they proved to be really good once made up. They are also very handy when It comes to spare weapons and shields. After the success of these I tried the plastic Mantic Orcs, but they proved less effective. These Wargames Factory figures would also make great half orcs too, something I have in mind for the future.
The guy at the front is my first Orc I ever bought way back in 1984. I called him Kracken and I thought he looked a natural leader. He is in fact listed as a bodyguard in the old Citadel catalogues.


Grigork said...

Great looking stuff. I still have my old orcs loved them to bits.

Anonymous said...

I recognize some of these orcs, this is such as awesome blog! Bookmarked!

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