Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mordor Troll

 Here he is again, the Mordor Troll. I was pleased to see the size of these new GW figures and the fact they were so big. They fitted in very well with the old 80's sculpts very well.

I have two of them and they were both bought from eBay, which is why one of them has lost his cheek guards. I don't really mind this as It gives you a chance to see his face and skin tones better.

 The troll's armour was given an undercoat of black, then drybrushed with GW 'Lead Belcher'. I also gave it a wash (in places) of Warlock Bronze, which had a great ageing effect.

 A red brown wash was then added to make the armour look rusted. After all this I gave the edges a very light brushing with the 'Lead Belcher' paint again.The leather work was painted with different browns then given a black wash, no highlights were added.

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