Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lets Talk About Orcs Baby...

 It's been a while since I blogged anything, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy brushing away.

 After bashing out a small army of dirty Orcs I finally got arund to basing them. I went for the classic wood glue and rough sand approach, covered in flock and twigs. I also added a few dry herbs to the bases to act as dead leaves and I was pleased with the result. So much so in fact, that I dug out my recent ACW units and gave them a tinkle with the herbs as well.
 Orc Beserkers wearing the red eye of Sauron..
After painting figures for months I have to really get my head into 'basing' mode and It takes me ages to get motivated to start. However, with all the new flocks and grass tufts etc, I really enjoyed basing this Fantasy army, which is good news for the future.
I used Foundry's paint system to colour the base, first using the sand 'A' 'B' and 'C' pots, then the Granite greys to colour the rocks. I also gave the sand a wash with brown ink and the large rocks a wash with green. Silfor grass tufts were then added and various flocks and scatter materials. Twigs from the garden made great logs and didn't need to be painted, just left as they were.

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Robert Hingley said...

Superb basing effects. Might look into that method myself.