Sunday, December 14, 2014

Orcs and their Masters.

I drew this picture months ago to help me work out my Mordor army and the figures I would use for all the different breeds of Orc.

The small Moria goblins would be made from the early Citadel goblins and Gnolls.These are lightly armoured but many in number.
 Slightly better armoured Goblins would be made up of Citadel Giaks from the 'Lone Wolf 'figure range.
Then comes the masses of Orc troops, these are made up of the fantasy tribes Orcs again from Citadel along with other makes.
The Uruk-hai will be formed from the LOTR range from Citadel with other armoured Orcs to make up the numbers.
 Finally huge Black Uruks will be created from Black Tree's great Orc range and will make up the large orc bodyguards of Bolg. They are huge and the reason why they gave Thorin such a hard time can be clearly seen.


Nic said...

Great sketch!

Mr Papafakis said...

I not sure if you already do this, but I think you should seriously consider drawing a comic book or graphic novel with your sketches. They look fantastic & I'm sure there'd be a market for them.

Maybe you already do -considering his many you have on your blog- if so, where can I find some?


BigRedBat said...

Priceless- reminds me of the John Cleese "I am Upper Class" comedy sketch!

Milo Burgh said...

Awesome pic!! I like it a lot.

More please...

Sam Wise said...

Very good drawing !
and you do that each time before painting figures ???
You're talented!

Anonymous said...

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