Saturday, December 13, 2014

Orc Warlords

 Bolg again from another angle. I experimented for a while trying to match the skin tones with that of the Movie for the Black Uruks. German uniform grey worked the best washed with black. It had a wierd kind of warmth to it which was great for skin tone.
 Another high ranking Orc here, clearly marked out by his two battle standards. He has obviously conquered two tribes in his time. He is another large 'Bob Olley' Reaper miniature and towers over the lesser orcs under his command.

I still wanted this guy to be a Black Uruk but tried a warmer tone of brown for his skin tone.
 To tie the army together I used red as the main tunic colour. This was again just blocked in then washed with black paint. Dirt, mud and rust were added all over the figures with the help of more washes to give them that Orcy feel.
This Warlord is surrounded by seasoned veterans of many battles in heavy armour.

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WARDUKE said...

Hi there,

Can you tell me what miniatures range these Orcs are from? They look great.