Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Great Unwashed

 I created the army from my collection of figures from back in the early Eighties. Mind you saying that a lot were bought off eBay amongst other places and some were even given to me by friends. They make quite a random bunch of misfits and villains, perfect for the army of Mordor.
 A whole variety of figures and manufacturers were collected together to fill the bases. All the time I tried to use a bit of imagination with them and give each base a story and character. This large 'Kevin Adams' orc from Foundry was turned into a Black Uruk because of his size. Either that or some kind of half troll. The Citadel Chaos warrior above becomes a evil squint eyed, sallow faced goblin man like the one from Bree. That's the thing I'm enjoying the most about painting fantasy, its the imagination that goes with it.

 Here you can see the dried herbs I sprinkled on to act as dry undergrowth. I think they work well and to the naked eye they look just like dead leaves and braken.
These guys were painted many years ago back in 1987, a quick black wash and shield change and they're back working for the big eye in the sky.

That's it for now , more to come tomorrow.


AHunt said...

This is a great looking army. I like how they are each an individual.

Steve said...

Loving this!

Mike A said...

Amazing looking army :)

Doc Smith said...

They certainly have that unique Orcy grungyness - classic old Warhammer figures too. I like your idea with using herbs as leaf litter besides - you need something to mask that pungent Orc odour!

Secundus said...

Hee hee I agree!!