Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Battle of Narona begins

Flaccus orders the attack on the Alanician battle line. lovingly known as the 'messenger' to his men, because of his tearing around on horseback in mud stained clothes; Flaccus rides to the right of his battle line. He hopes his presence there will steady the wayward war bands of Marcomanni. He leaves the left to the Panonnian hero, Stuba Bowmonica and his heavy Sarmation horse. The cornucens of Flaccus blast the signal to advance.


Anonymous said...

This has to be one of my favorite blogs!! Thank you very much!!

Still Anonymous said...

Alright! Let the battle begin!



Lets hope the Sarmations are up to the task this time.....otherwise they'll be known as a right bunch of flankers...heh heh heh

simon said...

Hello Stuba, I hope your boys perform better this time round, you could loose your command otherwise.

What do you think of the new header on the Blog. I up dated my Blog the other day and it gave me loads of fancy design options. The header being one of them. I think it sums up the contents better than the last one.

Ok where was I, Oh yeah...Lets go to WAR!!!!

Dracmuller said...

Noticed the new header straight away, chuckled thinking to myself 'now that's more worthy of this great blog'! :-)

Go Flaccus!


I think the new header is great. So much more...., well, YOU , I think the term is.
As for my boyz, I think the gods will decide their fates in a roll of the dice.