Sunday, September 07, 2008

Plastic Celt Review

Here is another look at those plastic Celts from Warlord Games. With 'horde' armies requiring hundreds of figures, I think these guys are the way to go in making vast armies achievable again.
I also think with these figures hitting the market and their quality, the Wargames Industry will never be the same again. I think it's only a matter of time until we see all companies jumping onto the plastic band waggon.


still anonymous said...

Nice work! How did you do the tattoo?

Also, which bases are they? I don't think that I've ever seen GW cavalry (if that's what they are) bases that were not slotted.


still anonymous said...

That being said, GW did include a 20mm x 40mm base with a certain Fantasy blister that I shan't name, so as not to sully this blog ...


simon said...

Hello, yes they're mounted on GW cavalry bases. They have stopped doing them now I think so I may have to look else where. The ones without slots were some I ordered many years ago from the actual GW mail order. The ones with slots I cover with a bit of masking tape to help with the flocking.

The tattoos are done with a thin brush and a bit of eye straining. I find with Tattoos it helps if the paint is really watery and done in one go. I was rather lucky more than any thing else on this guy.

Dave said...

The set up costs of plastic minis is prohibitive & not all sculptors/companies will be able to go into plastic. Main problem is the cost of the steel moulds.

The company that make Perry Plastics are releasing sets of flat plastic bases.