Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Battle of Narona

The 2nd Cohort of the Apollinaris although facing a Cohort themselves, leave the road to aid the stricken Cohort of Pulex. They can now see the huge masses of German warriors heading straight for the Macedonicans and know they will soon be more than occupied..Pushing his men to their limits, Pulex again enters the front rank and shouts support to his wavering forces. He is found in turn by Centurion Turrinus the giant Centurion of the 1st Cohort Macedonica and challenged to single combat. Not waiting for second invite, Pulex races up to Turrinus and kills him instantly with a thrust through the mouth and neck. Both sides freeze as the great body of Turrenus slumps to the ground, with a cheer the 1st Cohort Apollinaris charge forward. The Macedonicans are taken by the surprise and the shock of the assault sends them reeling. Taking full advantage of the situation, Pulex leads one more charge and pushes the Macedonicans back.

Above, Pulex leads the last charge that shatters the 1st Cohort of the Macedonca. As they panic and run they are overrun by Pulex's crazed Cohort and cut down to a man.

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still anonymous said...

A civic crown for Pulex!