Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Moaning Marcomamanni (Campaign 103)

Within days of Flaccus's army digging in, Pleaderdocarex and his chieftains start to complain. The great war chief starts to demand more money for his services and threatens to withdraw his War bands unless his demands are met. Flaccus has a problem, with no gold coin to spare he must come up with a way to appease the wayward chieftain.
Knowing that the Army of Thrace carries with it an almighty baggage train, Flaccus offers it to Pleaderdocarex as an added bonus . Pleaderdocarex's chieftains still grumble and are only silenced when they receive the honoured place in the right of the battle line as well as the baggage train. Flaccus has been bent over a barrel but he knows to lose the German's help at this late stage would mean total defeat.

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And the suspense builds once again ...