Friday, September 26, 2008

The Battle of Narona

The 1st Cohort of the XV Apollinaris meet the 3rd Cohort of the V Macedonica head on. Centurion Pulex of the XV orders his men to open ranks to allow more room for better swordsmanship and leads the assault. Much to his surprise, the Macedonican Cohort present a wall of shields as they close. The fight is brutal but both sides keep their ground. Pulex, being the veteran he is, realises the Macedonicans are fighting a holding action to buy their 1st Cohort enough time to preform a flanking attack.
Pulex decides he has to act quickly and pushes his way through the front rank to find their leading Centurion. He finds Centurion Albinus amid the slaughter and closes in for the kill. The men of both sides back away from the two as they square up, cheering for their respective champion. Albinus and Pulex fight it out one on one, each side holds its breath as the two rain down sword blows on each other. A stumble by Albinus gives Pulex the chance he has been waiting for and he quickly dispatches Albinus with a sword thrust to the throat. The shock of the defeat ripples through the Macedonicans' lines and they break from combat in an ordered withdraw. Pulex holds his unit together and keeps his ground.


still anonymous said...

Hurray for Centurion Pulex!


P.S.: The aerial view makes it difficult to figure out which unit (and army) is which - may I suggest some annotations?

Secundus said...

Yeah a friend said the same thing last night, I'll get on it.

Just for now though, V Macedonca (Terentius) are the blue shields. The XV Apollinaris (Flaccus) are the cloaked, green shields.

still anonymous said...

Is Stuba Bowmonica's unit retiring off the field? If so, the left flank may soon be in trouble ...