Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Battle of Narona

As the defeated 3rd Cohort of the Macedonica fall back, the 1st Cohort lead by Centurion Turrinus, is ordered to plug the gap. Turrinus, a man of great physical strength rushes his Cohort forward. Pulex and the men of the XV have hardly enough time to catch their breath before they find themselves hard pressed again by the fresh Cohort. Tired and suffering from wounds the 1st Cohort of the XV start to give ground.
It isn't long before Pulex's weakened Cohort is being out flanked and pushed back. Pulex knows he will have to work another miracle to stop them from collapsing.The 1st Cohort of the Apollinaris starts to be butchered as it is pushed back on itself.

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