Sunday, September 07, 2008

Flaccus frees the slaves (Campaign 104)

General Flaccus prepares to meet the Alanician army outside the small town of Norona. Knowing that the elite Army of Thrace is only a days march away, he sees a way to enlarge his army. The large stone quarry outside Narona offers him the perfect opportunity. Flaccus offers the quarry's slaves a chance of freedom by taking up weapons and fighting for Secundus.

After a very short discussion the slaves agree and are equipped with basic armour and weapons from the baggage train. His Generals complain about the arming of such people and Flaccus knows that they are signing up to their death. However, they might just tie down enough of Terentius's forces for Flaccus to gain an advantage with his cavalry. Flaccus hopes they will buy their freedom dearly with Alanician blood.

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