Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Battle of Narona

The 3rd Cohort of the V Macedonica jogs forward to fill the gap left by the fleeing cavalry. These tough professional soldiers, equipped with the latest weapons and armour are a sight to behold in the early morning sun. Their pace slows as they near their chosen target, the 1st Cohort of the XV Apollinaris.
The XV Apollinaris is an old Legion that has been stuck on the frontier in Pannonia for many years. As a result it's equipment has fallen behind spec compared to the other Legions stationed closer to Rome. Although they still wear the out dated Lorica Hamata, the Legionaries are tough veterans of the volatile border and are no strangers to battle. Still in their warm woollen cloaks, they await the V in grim silence.
The other Cohort of the XV Apollinaris is stationed on the Narona road and faces the elite 1st Cohort of the V Macedonica which trudges down the muddy track to meet them.


still anonymous said...

Which figures did you use to model the XV Apollinaris?


Secundus said...

Companion Miniatures, originally Mark Copplestones sculptures for Foundry. When all the sculpters walked back in 2001, mark must have taken his moulds with him and given them to Companion to resculpt and sell.I find some of the Centurion headcrests a little over the top but they are nice figures.

Secundus said...

The odd figure in lorica hamata is a Mark Copplestone original, from Foundry. They help to add a little variety in the unit.