Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Battle of Narona

Pleaderdocarex at the head of the Macromanni Warbands emerges from the woods and sees that the Roman right has started to entrench itself within a small farm. As the warbands surge forward with deafening roars, Pleaderdocarex slows them up. As a young man, Pleaderdocarex accompanied his tribe on many raids against the Romans and his adventures taught him many things, one of them, was never attack Romans in a defended position. Pleaderdocarex scours the terrain for an easier target.
General Terentius mean while orders his men to heighten the stone wall to their front to slow the German charge. The sheer size and noise of the warbands is terrifying to the Marines to his right who are more at home at sea. They quickly obay his orders and hastily improve their defences.
Terentius stands with the Eagle party of the V and a Cohort of Gallic Auxiliaries to his right. Trained to throw javelins in two ranks, the Marines stand ready to his left. "let them come" Terentius is heard to shout, his cries do little to strengthen his mens' morale in the face of the Marcomanni storm clouds.

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