Saturday, May 08, 2010

27th (Inniskilling) foot

After a little further research I've found out that the 27th's cross belts were in fact buff. This is great as it will mark them out against the other Regiments and should lend Itself nicely to Army Painter.


Consul said...

I'd highly recommend Vallejo Dark Sand (70847) for buff with the Army Painter. It's what I used for my ECW pikeman here:

Foundry's own Buff colour range is pretty good too. Depends which way you want to go.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

That dipping looks a "goooood THING"

Does it work for 20mm Tiger Tanks?
I only half jest ;)

DeanM said...

I read a recent post on TMP about units with buff facings - that their belts were also buff. I have a unit painted as the 3rd "The Buffs" but their cross belts are white. I don't plan on repainting them. Dean

EO'Keeffe said...

Would you mind letting me know what research you found to indicate that the 27th's cross belts were buff? I am looking into this very issue as part of a buff-faced reenacting group and would really appreciate your assistance.