Sunday, May 09, 2010

Private dipped with black

I think after seeing how this guy turned out I would have to vote the dark stain the winner between the two. I prefer the shading on the red and it has also done great things with the white and grey trousers. Again I retouched the red to see what it would look like when varnished, but I didn't really need to. It looked great as It was. Also the details on the front of the tunic came out good which i was surprised at, all colours considered, the black dip is the winner for me.

It would be interesting to test it on a French line Regiment with all its whites and blues.

It's only when you look at the figures in macro you notice all the details you've missed and the mistakes. I will go back and paint all the buttons in and try to get the detail on the cuffs to match up. Macro can be a handy tool, once you done one right the others are easy.

I sadly pride myself now on being able to paint French line Infantry without research after painting so many. It has become a real joy to paint them and I don't what to leave them just yet. This is because I know that once I learn another uniform, I'll be off again for years, carried away with red coats and never look back. I think before I leave Napoleon's army I might just try dipping a marching unit of Line Infantry and of course finish those extra Artillery pieces. i hope my findings here are of use to anyone out there hoping to start dipping the dreaded Napoleonic era.
Napoleonic armies look very scary at first but If I can learn them, than any one can...and I mean that.

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Consul said...

I agree - the backpack and red look awesome!