Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Matt varnished

Matt varnished at last after a life time of waiting. The choices between the two different stains for me are minimal. It was a good experiment to do, but it's what I suspected from the begining.

Artillerymen and Legere units would benefit from the dark (black stain) better as with their dark blue uniforms a dark shading tone is needed. However, I would say that troops with white breeches and lighter colours would warrant the dark brown dip. I have a feeling with their red coats and white cross belts, the British Line regiments would look better dipped with medium tone brown. French Line units with their white breeches and cross belts, yellow and red elite companies and flesh tones may also take to the brown stain better.

Who stuck that hair on there?...well what kind of hair is it? Oh thank god for that...Well who let the bloody thing in...Hargreaves get in here!!!!


Vilcum said...
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Vilcum said...

I feel better after realising not being the only one findinf strange hair after dipping...