Monday, May 10, 2010

Rebasing the 2nd Legere for 'Napoleon'

The last of the Regiments finally gets based onto 40mm x 40mm bases. It worked out quite well with even a few left over to form the skirmish line.


RazorOne223 said...

Nice work! What rules are you basing for? How did the dipping go? Also thanks for following my blog. Once I get done with the 15mm stuff I will be posting some 28mm Napoleonics and ECW stuff soon.


Secundus said...

I have a set of rules produced by Foundry called 'Napoleon'. Although from what I can gather looking around, most Nap rules use the four to a base mounting system. So I should be in safe hands If I ever found a better rule set.

In Napoleon I don't like the fact though that French regiments are the same size as British. I may tweak this to two French Battalions of 24 men make a Regiment to the British 24 man Regiment. I also hear that Victrix are soon going to release some French Battalion flags which should be good. I have tried to find some on the web but have hit a dead end. So now I'm just waiting for Victrix.