Saturday, May 08, 2010

Once more into the dip

Tough sarge has been dipped in the mid tone (brown) hence the black wash on his face before the plunge. The centre company man has been dipped in the strong tone (black). I am surprised how good the black is working with all the white belts and red areas. Most war games figures are painted to be viewed at about two or three feet distance and the stronger contrast with the black just might swing it.

The mid tone on Sarge is doing great things to the white equipment like the bread bag, we'll have to wait the mind numbing 24 hours drying time and have another look.


airhead said...

Just a thought, but has anyone ever using a hair dryer to speed things up with dips?

All the best Airhead

Secundus said...

I don't worry would be that It might cause a slight cracking on the surface of the model.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how the Army Painter quickshade works with water based colours?(Like GW's Citadel Colours)

Great blog by the way :)


BigRedBat said...

Looking very nice, especially spontoon Sarge.

Hopefully I'll be dipping, tonight, myself!

Secundus said...

All the paints I use are Water based and many of them are infact GW. I've been looking for my scab red pot to do the Sargents sash. It was designed for them so your very safe using water based paints of all types.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering! I've been a little worried that the shade would have a "corrosive" effect on the water based colours.
What happened to the campaign with Secundus and Tullus? I can't find the conclusion about who won. It was a real joy to read about them. :)

Greetings John

Secundus said...

Good question about the Campaign, It's kind of on hold. We will do more Roman battles in the future but it took alot of time and effort and my work has got in the way over the last two years really. I'm sure we'll be back hacking chunks out of each other one day.

For now lets just say Secundus won, It has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Okey. I can imagine it took a lot of work and 'cause it was very well written and really joy to read about them :)
Good for Secundus. My bets are on him. I think it's something about his name that makes me feel sorry for him ;)