Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Scary extreme close up

Two extreme close ups of the finished models. This is as close as I could go with my now out of date camera. This model is the brown stained model, Army Painters medium tone. The white close belts came out nicely with this stain and It's probably the one I would recommend for most Napoleonic armies.
Next the ones I have been waiting for...the good old British red coats...bless em.


Consul said...

Nice outcome. I have to admit, I can't tell you've highlighted the miniature at all!

The brown works well with redcoats I can confirm - did a test myself with an AWI soldier.

I look forward to your next dip project!

Secundus said...

Yeah, there wasn't much in it really, apart from the flesh tone on the face. To be honest the colours tested on were an odd choice because they're so dark to begin with, but thats want i'm painting at the moment. The redcoats might give a better demonstration.

Doc Smith said...

Great figure - the tone really works well but you're right - works even better with lighter/brighter colours!

One thing I noticed on the close-up was the slightly rough surface - is that the matt varnish or paint pigment?

If its just after the tone is added it'll be either the tone was too thick and dried unevenly or the paint under was not completely dry/cured and the tone over it dried and caused the rough effect.

Please - not a criticism at all - its a wonderful paint job (as are all your figures) but somebody warned me about that when using shade toner.

They said to leave the figures overnight after painting, do the tone then leave 'em overnight again before varnishing - I found out the hard way when a couple of my figures had an attack of the wrinkles!


Secundus said...

I made sure I left him over twenty four hours to avoid cracking. I think it may be the spray on matt varnish. It's great to get feed back though, sometimes it's the only way you learn.