Friday, May 21, 2010

French Line Infantry dipped, varnished and finished

First six finished and the next batch drying.
I finally cracked the French blue using the dip, for It proved a real tricky colour to get right. The base colour was foundry's French Blue 'B' from their Napoleonic range. Once dipped it went a slight shade darker. Now comes the trick, rather than highlight with the same colour, I went one higher and used the 'C' pot. This created a higher contrast and for the first time the dark blue colour looked shaded. Simple but It took a few goes to get right.


b.smoove said...

Beautiful. I'm particularly taken by the stubble effect you've achieved -very clever indeed. Thanks for these posts.

Sire Godefroy said...

Admittedly, they turned out quite nice. ;-)
Normally I don't like dipping white areas, but here it looks surprisingly convincing. Well done!


Docsmith said...

Highlighting a bit of white over the dipped works wonders - makes it really 'pop'. Love the 6 o'clock shadow effect on the lads too!


GEM Team said...

very nice. I like the effect

DeanM said...

They look great; loads of character.

Secundus said...

Hi Guys and cheers for the comments. I create the stubble by mixing a tiny bit of grey with the flesh tone and painting it on the chin. Very simple but it really gives the figure character i find and it's easy to do.

Also the snowy effect of the matt varnish on the extreme close ups, soon my relief.

BigRedBat said...

Excellent work! You are going to have quite an army there.

christot said...

I love these, and, dare I say it, they look a bit like your cartoons- real little characters!

Galpy said...

Really nice work once again and as always the paint work is just very cool i'll be trying a bit of this myself i think. love your work