Monday, May 03, 2010

Base coat colours

Here's our man with his base colours finished. His coat and trousers are Foundry's French blue 'B' and the red is Foundry's Scarlet 'C'. The flesh is Flesh tone 'B' also from the Foundry range.
I have given the chin strap a quick wash of watered down black just to bring out the detail and also highlighted the black shako etc before dipping. I find this really helps and any detail you are afraid of losing, always 'wash' first. I found that giving the face a quick wash with black before dipping really helped to bring out the features better when using the brown stain. I think with Napoleonic soldiers who are thought of as being the quintessential gaming pieces, these little touches are important. If I can get my Naps to a certain standard using Army Painter I will be happy. At the moment I'm still 50/50 so these tests are worth doing.


Allan and Carmen said...

I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

I started off using the Dark Tone Quick Shade on a few Test models. To get the look I liked I really had to go a few shades lighter on base coat colours. The look so far has been worth it though.

Alex K said...

IMO "Strong Tone" will not work so well on dark colours like the blue of your figs - but I'll be happy to be proved wrong!