Monday, May 10, 2010

The quick French Regiment test

Not quite ready to leave the ranks of Napoleon yet, I thought I would do a test to dip a Line Regiment quickly. The troops have been sprayed in different base colours and this should make the whole process even quicker and take away the need for a lot of brush work.


The Haggis said...

You have most likely mentioned this a million times before, but what manufacturer of figures are these?


Secundus said...

These are from Front Rank. They are lovely figures although are quite characterful in design. They do have their own style about them and have quite large features. I like them though.

The Perrys and victrix models are the same height but have much smaller features than these guys,so I'm not sure they would mix well in the same unit.

I have ordered some Essex British to see how they measure up to the Front Rankers. If they work they will give me a little more variety within the firing line. I find that now we are spoilt for choice with makes like the Perrys, Front ranks poses are a little limited.

BigRedBat said...

Using differnet primers for the same unit; neat idea!

French course said...

Nice work. Ready for the Russian campaign ?