Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gribeauval 6-inch howitzer

All my artillery and their crews are from Front Rank miniatures.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Gosh you are in the Napoleonic grove :)

Excellent work

The figures look great to paint, trouble for me is my Napoleonic friends all wargame in 15mm

I am resisting the challenge/temptation to embark on a super-project and repeat all their armies :(

Docsmith said...

Now THAT is a nice gun. You've excelled at the 'in the field' look - from the appearance one could well imagine what it would have been like trying to drag that beast through the mud at Waterloo. Your shot gunner looks like he's been rolling in the muck! Great authentic look paint job.


BigRedBat said...

Very muddy; very nice!

Хари said...

It's very beautiful... the all of your figure's and drawings also! Have a luck with that!
Greetings from Serbia! :)

christot said...

These are cracking, nice painting...I really like the Front Rank artillery..
(As an aside, they aren't Gribeauval pattern but from the 1803 system).