Saturday, May 15, 2010

French Artillery

Here are the rest of the Artillery crew ready to be dipped. Again, I thought I would try something new with these guys and so painted on some mud before the dipping process. The black has been highlighted before hand again and I opted for a lighter blue this time (Foundry French Blue 'C' instead of 'B'). Hopefully this will contrast more with the dip shade and produce better shading. Only time will tell.


Consul said...

I think I always use the C shade of Foundry's colour system for dipped figures, well, for colours like Reds and Blues and Yellows.

They should look good.

Docsmith said...

The dipping should provide a nice 'grunge' tone to add to the muddy bits. The blue is light enough to show it but are you planning to highlight after dipping if it doesn't?

And what's that mud doing on the young officer's tunic? Fifty lashes for that lazy batman wait, that's only the British army innit?


Secundus said...

Yes I'll be highlighting the tunic slightly as It's proving a very hard colour to dip.