Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Battle of Senones ( 10 )

The battle was not going in Dewolfus's favour and all he can do is to look to his own Cohort as it struggles against the 8Th Augusta. On the far left, the III Brittonum reaches the safety of the German line and tries to regroup, before they can form up though, the Italian cavalry catch them and sweep them away in a desperate charge. Dewolfus has now lost his cavalry arm and has nothing to counter the huge body of men and horse that now wheel inwards.


Scutatus said...

Plinius's plan has worked! The cavalry are now free to roll up Dewolfus's infantry line, who are now surely doomed.

I really enjoyed this moment Si. I loved seeing through the cavalry charge that actually worked (for a change) and seeing them primed to begin the outflanking of the infantry and win the battle (as they are supposed to) made my day.

It is a shame it had to happen against the stalwart wolf heads, but no unit can win all of the time. Even the elite of the elite have to admit defeat occasionally. There was no shame by their defeat, they did their best and fought honourably.

The battle really should have stopped here at this point, honestly, it really should have. lol hehehehe

Scutatus said...

The illustration is another great work of art. Nice work Simon. :)

Interestingly, although it is entitled "Wolf head's last stand", if you look closely, this Wolf Head has actually won his own personal combat. The spearpoint of his opponent has slid past the Wolf Head's shield and his sword is raised and ready to swing down and strike off his enemy's exposed head! :)

It would seem that this Wolf Head at least was one of those able to escape the field and live to fight again!

Secundus said...

Yes, well spotted my friend, this Italian horseman did fall but what you don't see in this picture; is the four other horseman behind him.

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Anonymous said...

So your cavalcade got slaughtered to the last man?