Sunday, August 02, 2009

Battle of Senones ( 3 )

General Dewolfus leads a Cohort of the VI Victrix into the settlement of Senones, to the right of him, his wolf-clad skirmishers are given orders to advance. With a blast from the Cornucen, the whole army shudders forward with the sound of clanking armour and heavy saddled feet. To his far Left, Dewolfus orders the III Brittonum Ala, a British cavalry unit, to hold up the enemy horse on the flank as long as possible. Dewolfus has already guessed Plinius's plan but must trust to his veterans to hold firm in the face of so many horse.

Members of the I Italica horse prepare to advance after receiving Plinius's orders. The orders are straight forward, advance to destroy the cavalry of the Rhine, then sweep left and roll up the entire army. The Italian horseman are confident in their numbers and the morale is high amongst the squadrons.


Andrew said...

Cool! I hadn't seen anyone paint the helmet from the Guttmann collection (the iron helmet with the tiny brass mouse chasing the bread). Looks good!

Secundus said...

Thanks, I love that design as well and had to include it somewhere within my collection. These are old Essex miniatures (mid Roman). They have been replaced now with a new range but I like their mixture of Lorica and leather armour.

Scutatus said...

Hehehe ah, yes, that confidence. I remember that... ;)

Nice illustration Si. :) Love the cavalryman's expression.