Sunday, August 02, 2009

Battle of Senones ( 4 )

One Ace that Dewolfus does have up his sleeve however, is his highly trained Light Legionaries, these specialized warriors are adapted to fighting in the close woodland confines of the Rhine and Dewolfus now releases them to secure his right flank which is heavily forested.
These special light troops clad themselves in wolf skins to break up their silhouette which helps blend them into their wooded surroundings. They are the best trained troops in the Army of the Rhine and Dewlofus puts his full trust into them winning his right flank.
On the opposite side of the valley, Plinius has ordered a small unit of Greek skirmishers to advance and scout out the wood. They are ordered to look out for any weak spots appearing in the German line and attack, causing as much confusion as they can. Unknown to the Greeks, the woods are already thick with hunting wolves...


Andrew said...

The illustration is excellent as always, but I like the addition of the pale background. The depth is nice.

Secundus said...

Thanks, I use every drawing as a way of testing out a new idea, some work better than others.
I was pleased with this one and you will see more of the same soon. It does add some great depth as you say and will be good for creating space within big battle pictures.

Scutatus said...

Beautiful figures, beautiful art. These converted figures have always been one of your Jewels in the crown.

The wolf head units are wonderful character pieces.