Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Battle of Senones ( 8 )

As Dewolfus's left flank started to fold up, Plinius decided to deliver the hammer blow to his centre by the way of his heavy Gladiators. This large Cohort of trained fighters slammed into the 2ND Cohort XXI Rapax. Much to the surprise of the hardened Legionaries the Gladiators started to gain ground, pushing them back. The legionaries tightened their formation but the heavy armour of the Gladiators started to tell. Before long the 2ND Cohort began to be out flanked by the crazed swordsman and the order was given to fall back. Plinius with his Eagle party urged them on to victory from within the ranks.
Dewolfus was not their to see it but he had taken precautions to strengthen his line. As the 2ND Cohort fell back in good order, the 3RD Cohort, which had been placed close in reserve, quickly rushed forward to fill the gap. Dewolfus's generalship had saved his line from total collapse.


Scutatus said...

You've go to hand it to the Gladiators. Dewolfus needed THREE Cohorts to contain them. The slaves single handedly pushed back and tied up over half of Dewolfus's army - just about all of his Legionaries.

Now that's respect. :D

Scutatus said...

Another fantastic illustration by the way. I love the sepia (?) effect and the dust, as well as all the expressions and character. Very atmpospheric. Great brutal stuff.