Saturday, August 08, 2009

Foundry 'Napoleon' Rules

Keir has pointed out a good site to go to if you are interested in the new rule set by Foundry, . I am new to the period in gaming terms, so the game is quite exiting for me and my friend. There are a few things we have agreed to change but it seems to be the terminology of 'units' more than anything else so far. We like the idea of four 'units' being called a Brigade rather than a Division. The units of 24 men seem more like Battalions to us.

I'm just glad I have a rule set to work too after waiting for years for the fabled 'Warhammer' edition to arrive. I think Foundry have stolen a march there, pun intended. As always, I will handle the painting side of things and let Alanicus bash out the rule mechanics, both of us playing to our strengths and saving a lot of time

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